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The mobile revolution is upon us. Mobile technology has changed the way people share information, collaborate, interact, and connect. By 2019, 66% of all internet traffic will originate from non-PC devices. 7.9 million people are connected through global mobile devices. Trajectus with its resources, experience, and mobility practice can build end-to-end mobile solutions enabled to meet business goals.

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iOS Development

We can build apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Trajectus can develop iOS applications in Swift, C, and Objective-C. We’ll help you navigate the Developer Portal and make it through the App Store approval process.



Depending on the statistics viewed, Android is 60% of the US market and over 70% of the development market. It’s imperative Android is a part of your mobile strategy. Android is more challenging because of the multi-segmented device and mobile market. Trajectus testing services can ensure your Android solution is successful. From Kit-Kat to Marshmallow, we have you covered.



Wearables are poised to revolutionize the way we access technology in our lives. From watches, to glasses, to wrist bands, wearables are changing the way we communicate and stay connected. Trajectus can help you build the software to revolutionize the world.


Cross Platform Mobile Applications

For organizations interested in solutions which take advantage of native capabilities, but enable an organization to only build one code base. Once code base means one set of code to maintain, essentially lowering the maintenance cost of your development. Choosing a cross platform tool requires some analysis of your project. We can help you determine which tools are the best for you. We utilize Cordova/PhoneGap, Xamarin, and Sencha.


Responsive Web

We build websites which respond to the environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. Responsive websites allow you to build a viewable website for every device on the market. Not every company needs a Mobile Application development, but everyone does need to ensure their website is responsive.


The Internet of Things

Everyday objects are being connected to networks, enabling them to send and receive data. Smart Grids and Smart Homes are just beginning to shape the way data is accessed and utilized. Whether it be in Environmental Monitoring, Infrastructure Management, or Healthcare, we can work with you to utilize available frameworks and enable technologies to bring your solution to life.